Let the flawless architectural structures of home and office interiors escalate beautifully with vivacious vintage furniture pieces from the inspirational furniture stores in Glasgow. These furnishing houses with supreme quality exceptional antiques collection and other home accessories are offered at irresistible discounts. The antique showrooms also supply their products across the port, thanks to the efficient distributors.

Vintage Furniture

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Vintage Bedroom Furniture

Visit VBF and choose your desired vintage bedroom furniture from their amazing collection if you want to enhance your bedroom decor. The store provides beautiful furnishings for your bedrooms from vintage dressers, cabinets and stools to ch ...

Vintage & Retro Furniture

569 South Street, Glasgow, Glasgow City, G14 0TR, United Kingdom
Are you looking for retro or vintage furniture in Glasgow? Get in touch with Vintage & Retro Furniture where you will find a wide range of classic pieces that will suit your unique taste. This company keep their store updated by bringin ...

Emily Rose Vintage

1031 Argyle Street, Glasgow, Glasgow City, G3 8ND, United Kingdom
Do you want to get your vintage furniture polished and restored by the experts? If yes, then get in touch with Emily Rose. The owner of this company understands the value of your heirloom pieces and bring them back to a new form with their ...